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Come and Coordinate your Breath and your movements with BREATHE in order to Breathe and fully express your Life.


I've been passionate about dance since birth, and I'm the granddaughter of a dancer who inspired me with her love of dance.

During my professional dance training, I experienced a great deal of learning as well as great frustration. As a dancer, I've seen so many dancers lost in the process of learning to dance that they often think it's too late to improve, or that they'll never be able to achieve their goals.

During my training, I was in a state of failure, stuck despite hours of training, lots of movement research and a head full of obsessive thoughts and questions about the situation I was in. How could I become the dancer I dreamed of being?

I ended those two years frustrated, depressed and sad that I hadn't achieved my goals, that I hadn't kept my promises and that I had disappointed those around me and those who had put their faith in my potential to evolve.

I decided to learn from this situation instead of sinking into the ocean of my sadness. That of not being able to dance my dance.

Why was I making so little or no progress in dance, despite my commitment and motivation?

From then , I questioned... I was so desperate to understand...

Where does movement come from before it springs forth and becomes visible?

How could I raise my movement potential and the qualities of my gestures from their origin?

I was so thirsty for fluidity, subtlety, efficiency, integration, precision, clarity, adaptability, freedom of expression, to live my dance and be in each movement...

I was desperately searching for my center, both in my body and in my state of mind ... (Little did I know at the time how decisive these questions would be, and how they would guide me for the next 10 years or so towards their answers). So I decided to follow my intuition and delve deeper into martial arts, meditation and yoga for several years. And there I found the beginnings or pieces of answers to my questions. But just a beginning...

BREATHE & Breathing Coordination

It wasn't until I met Lynn Martin at an MDH Breathing Coordination Workshop she co-hosted in Lausanne, Switzerland, with Robin de Haas, Co-founder of this method, based on the work of Carl Stough, that my questions were fully answered.

I'd almost forgotten about them all these 5 last years ago and it was when Lynn Martin shared with me this quote from Drid Williams that everything suddenly lit up for me:

"Movement begins in the mind. You cannot move from a place if You don't know where it is. You will always move from where you think it is, even if you are not conscious about it."

Lynn Martin is one of the descendants of a lineage that is the source of functional anatomy (Mabel Todd, Lulu Sweigard, Drid Williams, Irene Dowd). This anatomy, which I studied during my dance training, is at the origin of new dance or contemporary dance.

Functional Anatomy purpose is to understand how to use our body structures in an optimal way and respecting their design and functions.

It was a wonderful coincidence that I met her and since Lynn Martin became a source of inspiration for me.

She is as much a part of Breathe's history as she is of my own. It was with her support that I reconnected with this famous center and that Breathe was born.
And today, it has become essential for me to contribute by giving access to the precious information I have received, in the service of the movement, breathing and human potential.


Because I believe that this information enables us to understand how neuromuscular memory works, and how to modify or perfect a movement in the simplest possible way, first by modifying the pattern or body memory at the deepest level, neuromuscular or unconscious level.

Here the aim is to reinforce this new habit, first through thought, in the mind, in the form of affirmations and images linked to our objective of change of a body function or movement. And only after this work with imagery, we can practice and experience this new movement through actions.

This way to learn, based on how we are designed as a human being, in order to function in an optimal way, it's truly simplified access to change and movement learning, in my point of view. And that's what I needed so badly in my dance training and didn't get.

Today, after all these years, I feel the need to contribute to freeing the potential for movement, breathing and evolution of those who need it.

Perhaps because I'm convinced that my life experience, as a human being, and as a dancer would have been completely different with this information.

Today, I'm committed to teaching this functional approach for dance and movement improvement.

That means, in a way that takes greater account of how human beings are designed in order to function.

I have decided to help make this valuable information as accessible as possible, out of love, and gratitude for being a dancer in the service of dance, movement, breath, voice and human potential of expression.


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