Fully Express Your Life

Come and coordinate your Breath and your movements, your Breath and your Voice in order to live your Potential.

My Mission

Hello, my name is Wata Scheu and my mission is to serve Movement, Breathing and Human Potential. So I decided to create BREATHE to achieve my mission, that means the intention by and for which I breathe. That is, what I believe Life has engendered me to be and to do.
I am convinced that there is a link between the Movement Potential of a body, the Breathing Potential of a Being and the degree of expression of my Human Potential, in all areas of my life.

My Vision

I'm convinced that we are all born to live to our fullest potential, by using all that Life offers us with each breath. In order to reveal our talent in the field we've chosen to serve.

BREATHE helps people to welcome these wonderful inspirations so they can breathe out their most beautiful contributions and offer them to the world.

BREATHE is truly the fruit of a personal and professional journey.

This path has made me aware of the link between the breathing potential of a being, the movement potential of a body and the degree of expression of our human potential.

As a result, my path is punctuated by professional training, certifications and experiences around the body, around breathing and around human self development and consulting.

My meeting with Lynn Martin finally allowed me to answer my questions. As much about the origin of the movement as about what makes it possible, in a human life, to experience change in order to build and live the life we really want.

From her functional perspective and with Lynn Martin helped me understand how to change as a human being, with functional anatomy, Ideokinesis, and MDH Breathing Coordination, a method she had co-created with Robin de Haas.

She answered all these questions I had about the movement and change with so much simplicity and effectiveness.

For more than 10 years, after 2 years of professional dance training, I have been questioning my environment without obtaining a real answer to those questions.

Where is the movement from before physical movement appears, before becoming visible? What is the invisible part of the movement ?...

From there she is a cornerstone of the edifice that is my life.

Two sentences she said to me that changed my perception forever:
"Movement begins in the mind, you cannot move from a place if you don't know where it is, you will always move from where you think it is, even if you are not conscious about it. "

This quote is from Drid Williams, one of her functional anatomist teachers.

So, movement originates in the mind, at the level of our "patterns" or neuromuscular memories.
Images and affirmations are, in our mind, in our brain our memory bank of movement.

And they bring change and movement either in our body movement or in our life. No matter…because all change comes from the mind, from our internal vision. From there, we move and build all our life experiences

The second quotes from Lynn Martin, is a direct consequences of this first understanding:

"I am Responsible of myself standing here in this world"


Because movement begins in the mind... And I am the only owner of my mind.


Come and coordinate your breath and your movement.

Our Journey

BREATHE is a gentle invitation to question. On the way to this accompaniment, consciously or not, I ask myself why I breathe, and my voice matters.

Why does it need to express itself, whether through movement, sound, singing, speaking, writing or silence?

BREATHE is a project I've created that marries my passion for a body's potential of movement, my love for a breathing potential and my pleasure in knowing that human potential is always in the making.

BREATHE is the fruit of a journey spanning over 22 years. My journey and my search of this "Know thyself", and

And all these experiences are deeply part of BREATHE's identity.

Over the years, I've sharpened my awareness of movement and breath as I study human potential.

And more particularly how to change my life to become and be who I want to be are obsessive questions that have accompanied me since 2008.

Finally, my faith in what a human being can become, as well as my thirst to live myself to the fullest, lead me to study personal development in several directions.
In this quest around “Knowing myself as a Human Being living, I also explored different religions and spiritualities of the world, filling myself with their knowledge, wisdom and understanding of

Life, as well as of the human being's place within it.
Along the way, my sensitivity to movement and dance led me to train professionally for two years in classical modern jazz and contemporary dance.

Dance and movement are thus, in my experience, an inner and outer exploration that I've been living for over 20 years through numerous journeys, significant encounters and so much learning.

And this is what shapes my view of myself and the world.

On this path, my curiosity for breath is expressed in my life through two encounters: Meditation, MDH Breathing Coordination and Mindset Work.

What link exists between the Mindset and the breath?

It’s really important to know, in my point of view, that my "Mindset" is a set of beliefs and attitudes about life that shape the meaning I give to the world. These beliefs define my vision of myself or my identity. My Mindset fundamentally influences everything I do, consciously or unconsciously, from my neuro-muscular system, to all the other layers of my physical reality.

My Mindset influences therefore how I think, how I feel and how I behave.
Taking or not the right action stems from my Mindset. It is therefore the basis of what I believe I can learn, do and become or not.

And because of that, it is one of the keys to personal and professional growth.

Then, during my learning process, I became increasingly aware that there was a link between my mindset and my ability to express myself.

I understood how my mindset impacts the way I breathe and move. Whether through words or movement, speaking, dancing, singing or playing music...

And today, all this knowledge, wisdom and awareness is crystallizing to shape the heart of BREATHE.

Through this project, I Am. Through this project I consciously live my Vision, my Intention, in the integrity of my values... at last.


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